High pressure progressive cavity pump

Hello, everyone. Welcome to Subtor’s high pressure progressive cavity pump, which can be ideally applied in crude oil transportation in oil fields and oil wharfs. Since crude oil features large flow, high pressure, high viscosity, high temperature and high gas content, a reliable progressive cavity pump selection is extremely important. Subtor’s high pressure progressive cavity pump will perfectly meet this stringent requirement.

Also, our high pressure progressive cavity pump could also be used in long-distance transportation of polymers, or a multiphase mixture of oil, water, gas, and sand. It allows transfer for more than forty kilometres.

Food Grade Progressive Cavity Pump

This is Subtor’s food grade progressive cavity pump. Its overflow parts have been designed with no cavity, no dead corner, sharp end, and no welding beam, thus avoiding the pollution caused by lubrication oils according to international standards. Including Steel pipes into the suction tank and the flanges. To meet the requirements of FDA and EC standards the rubber is proofed by third party institutes.

Progressive cavity metering pump

This is Subtor’s progressive cavity metering pump, it features small dimensions, controllable and properly proportionally rotational speed and flow, stable operation, zero pulsation, as well as a unique modular design.

In addition, a reducer introduced from NORD, a German Company, is utilized as a standard configuration, which allows reliable quality and a high cost-performance ratio.

Paint and Coating Progressive Cavity Pump

Since paint and coating materials are characterized by a high viscosity, and pumps are needed, Subtor developed a vehicle mounted pump, with a suction tank in a square shape or a round shaped hopper and an unique spring flexible coupling string.

The paint and coating progressive cavity pump has been patented by Subtor.

Hopper feed progressive cavity pump

The suction tank of our hopper feed progressive cavity pump has been designed as a large hopper, and its connection rod is outfitted with a helical blade as a propelling unit. These designs easily prevent materials’ stacking in the pump’s entrance, and help to achieve a better transportation for materials with a high viscosity, high solid content, and poor fluidity.

Additionally, the hopper’s dimension could be adjusted according to customers’ requirements for different fields.

Other progressive cavity pumps