M0 Open Hopper Progressive Cavity Pump


M0 Open hopper progressive cavity pumps feature a coupling shaft equipped with a helical blade that pumps sticky mediums into the chamber. This particular pump type is widely used in the following:

  • Starch industry: the conveyance of starch slurry, potato dregs, potato pulp, wheat gluten, paste
  • Environmental protection industry: the conveyance of sanitary sewage, industrial wastewater, dilute sludge, activated sludge, dewatered sludge, flocculants, additives
  • Food and beverage industry: the conveyance of fresh juice, beer, wine, yogurt, cheese

Specification of VD-P04M0 Open hopper progressive cavity pump

Max working pressure 12 bar

Model Flow range m3/h Rotate speed range rpm Motor power Kw
VD040-005P04M0 1~7 200~550 2.2~5.5
VD050-011P04M0 2~14 180~500 2.2~7.5
VD060-019P04M0 5~22 160~450 4~11
VD070-029P04M0 8~30 150~420 5.5~15
VD090-053P04M0 10~45 70~350 7.5~22
VD100-080P04M0 15~60 70~300 15~37
VD120-120P04M0 20~80 70~250 18.5~45
VD150-230P04M0 30~120 60~200 22~75
VD170-300P04M0 40~150 50~150 30~90

Specification of VD-P06M0 Round hopper pump

Max working pressure 18 bar

Model Flow range m3/h Rotate speed range rpm Motor power Kw
VD040-005P06M0 1~6 200~550 3~7.5
VD050-011P06M0 2~12 180~500 4~11
VD060-019P06M0 5~20 160~450 5.5~15
VD070-029P06M0 8~25 150~420 7.5~18.5
VD090-053P06M0 10~40 70~350 11~30
VD100-080P06M0 15~50 70~300 15~45
VD120-120P06M0 20~70 70~250 18.5~55
VD150-230P06M0 30~110 60~200 30~90
VD170-300P06M0 40~130 50~150 45~110

Specification of VD-P08M0 Round hopper pump

Max working pressure 24 bar

Model Flow range m3/h Rotate speed range rpm Motor power Kw
VD040-005P08M0 1~5 200~550 4~11
VD050-011P08M0 2~10 180~500 5.5~15
VD060-019P08M0 5~18 160~450 7.5~18.5
VD070-029P08M0 8~23 150~420 11~30
VD090-053P08M0 5~35 70~350 15~45
VD100-080P08M0 8~45 70~300 18.5~55
VD120-120P08M0 10~33 70~250 30~90
VD150-230P08M0 15~100 60~200 45~110

Working principle of the progressive cavity pump:

A progressive cavity pump is a displacement pump that, with an interference fit of the rotor in an eccentric motion and a fixed stator, will form a seal cage within the pump, moving material from the inlet to the outlet, thus completing the conveyance of the medium within the seal cage.

Structure of progressive cavity pump

The rotor

The rotor shape can be designed as per customer requirements. For a metal rotor, after surface hardening or a vacuum heat treatment, the hardness can reach up to HRC65-67.

The stator

Materials: NBR, NBRH, HNBR, EPDM and FKM- all of which meet various working conditions

Universal joint

Alternative universal joints include a pin type universal joint, pin and bush joint, sanitary universal joint, flexible universal joint, spherical teeth universal joint, cross universal joint and other joints.

Shaft seal

The packing seal and mechanical seal can be selected based on working conditions. The cooling system and flushing system can also be selected for the best possible way to prolong the shaft service life.

Driving system

The alternative driving system includes several high quality driving systems, such as SEW, NORD, ABB and others.

Weifang Subtor as a German Subtor invested company in China, offers wide range of progressive cavity pumps and components. The M0 class open hopper progressive cavity pump has typical applications as food and drink pumping, slurry pumping, industrial sewage pumping, etc. A progressive cavity pump is a type of positive displacement pump, also known as eccentric screw pump. With German supported technology and rich marketing resources, Subtor provides quality PCP pumps with custom solutions for global clients.

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