BE Class Progressive Cavity Pump


BE class progressive cavity pumps are used for extraction and transportation in containers. They are most often used to transport a variety of liquid mediums, including acids, alkali, solvents, additives, oils and more.


The pump tube utilizes SS304 stainless steel, with the pump shaft using SUS stainless steel, giving both components an outstanding corrosion resistance.


We can customize the pump based on requirements for flow,, lift, viscosity, temperature, specific gravity, length and diameter size.

Parameters of VD-P02BE class progressive cavity pump
(Maximum working pressure 6 bar)

Model Flow range m3/h Rotate speed range rpm Motor power Kw
VD015-006P02BE 0.1~0.7 180~650 0.55
VD020-018P02BE 0.12~1 150~650 0.75
VD030-056P02BE 2~8 150~550 1.5
VD035-120P02BE 4~9 150~550 3

Parameters of VD-P04BE class progressive cavity pump
(Maximum working pressure 12 bar)

Model Flow range m3/h Rotate speed range rpm Motor power Kw
VD006-600P04BE 0.015~0.04 180~650 0.55
VD010-001P04BE 0.035~0.1 180~650 0.55
VD015-003P04BE 0.05~0.35 180~650 0.55
VD020-009P04BE 0.06~0.5 150~650 0.75
VD030-028P04BE 1~4 150~550 1.5
VD035-060P04BE 2~4.5 150~550 3

Weifang Subtor as a German Subtor invested company in China, offers wide range of progressive cavity pumps and components. The BE class progressive cavity pump has typical applications as corrosive liquid pumping, chemical pumping, oil pumping, etc. A progressive cavity pump is a type of positive displacement pump, also known as eccentric screw pump. With German supported technology and rich marketing resources, Subtor provides quality PCP pumps with custom solutions for global clients.

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